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Outbound calling

We've enhanced outbound calling - see the find me sample for details.


ASR is now integrated. Here's how we put the first iteration together: FreeSWITCH MRCP in Perl.

Wideband voice

SoftIVR now supports wideband voice for hi-fi telephony.

Database functions

You can now use SoftIVR's new database functions directly from your scripts. Database support in SoftIVR.

Getting started

Started on the get_started section.

New voices added

The say function now takes an optional second parameter, which is used to specify the language and gender of the speaker. The following options are available:

en       UK, female
en-f     UK, female  
en-m     UK, male
en-gb-f  UK, female 
en-gb-m  UK, male
en-us    USA, female 
en-us-f  USA, female 
en-us-m  USA, male
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