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Sample services

The following set of sample services give various examples of how SoftIVR can be used:

Weather report is a simple service, which demonstrates SoftIVR's TTS and XML handling capability.

Voicemail shows how to implement a simple voicemail service, and to extend it to provide a simplified version of SpinVOX.

Callthrough shows how to implement a callthrough service.

Dialler shows how to use an external application to trigger SoftIVR to make an outbound call and to bridge it to a specified service.

Follow me is an example of how to route calls to a user depending on their location.

Voice dial turns a Google contacts list in to a phone book for a speech-enabled voice dialling application.

Parking retrieves the number of parking spaces available at a location in Ann Arbor

Find me shows how to route inbound callers to one of a number of possible locations

Web callback shows how to initiate a callback service from outside SoftIVR

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