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SoftIVR - hosted IVR

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SoftIVR is a hosted IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service, which allows you to build your own IVR services using nothing more than JavaScript, and to connect to them using ordinary phones, SIP softphones or via any VoIP provider that supports SIP registration. SoftIVR supports AJAX to allow your services to communicate with external web services and/or databases, so you can mash up your voice services with web services to create the next generation of applications.

SoftIVR offers a number of advanced facilities, including:

As a hosted service, SoftIVR scales with your application: whether you need a couple of lines for a front-end for your business, or tens of thousands of lines for a TV voting application, we can help.

Pricing: SoftIVR is free for personal and small-scale business use, but, if you need to dial out, send SMS or use the transcription service, you will need credit in your account. See our pricing guide for more information.

SoftIVR is in beta right now. If you would like to join the beta test group, please e-mail us at support@softivr.com.

Want to know more? Visit our Wiki or our blog.

Come and meet us at ClueCon - August 4-6, Chicago.

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